Best Polygraph Training Worldwide

The Best Polygraph Training Worldwide would be any Polygraph Training that is APA approved.

The American Polygraph Association is a professional association of polygraph examiners. It was established in 1966. It has about 2,800 members. The organization offers its members publications and conferences related to polygraphy, as well as employment services and public referrals for its members.

The Academy’s polygraph training is accredited with the APA under the ACADEMY FOR SCIENTIFIC AND INVESTIGATIVE TRAINING.

The spreadsheet below contains the list of APA-accredited basic polygraph programs. It also contains programs who have reapplied for accreditation but whose accreditation has lapsed. Those with lapsed accreditation are listed separately (i.e., on the lower portion of the spreadsheet). (For a PDF version, click here.)


NOTE: The APA does not recognize, for basic polygraph education and training, on-line or distance learning for any portion of the required 400 hours of in-residence training.

Additionally, graduation from an APA-accredited program is one of the requirements for membership in the APA. (See this page if you are considering attending a non-accredited polygraph school/program and desire membership in the APA.)

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