The Academy is a distributor of the Lafayette Instrument Company, the finest and largest manufacturer of polygraph instruments in the country. The Academy recommends the Lafayette LX 4000 and LX 6 Computerized System. Students receive a 10% discount* off of the manufacturer’s price of the polygraph component.

Instrumentation takes six (6) to eight (8) weeks to order. If students are going to purchase instrumentation they should consider placing their orders prior to beginning their course of study. This ensures that they will receive their order while in class, which allows Academy faculty to completely update all directories and question templates.**


The LX4000 and LX5000 computer polygraph system records, stores and analyzes physiological changes during a polygraph examination. These systems include activity sensors and combines conventional polygraph procedure with a sophisticated state of the art computer. Results are derived from the following traditional physiological parameters:

  • Pneumo - Two Respiration Input Channels
  • EDA - Galvanic Skin Response
  • Cardio - Blood Volume / Pulse Rate

* Graduates of the Academy and their agencies receive a 10% discount on any new instrumentation ordered through the school prior to graduation.

** The Academy furnishes all instrumentation needed during your course of study.

***Laptop and Webcam not included.



Activity Sensors

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Please Download the US Export Application for your instrument, by clicking US Export Application – Lafayette 

After completion of the form, email it to to avoid delay of your polygraph instrument.