Your Most Important Decision

When choosing a Polygraph School there are a few things to consider. This might be the most important decision you make about your future.

Lets look at the Polygraph training available in South Africa. There are currently no training that is NQF or SAQA accredited in South Africa. Now this might seem like a problem, but in reality it is not an obstacle.

When choosing a Polygraph School opt for the one that provide you with the most advanced training from the best in the field. Also consider the fact that you might want to work abroad someday. Choosing an International Accredited Polygraph School will provide you with all that and more.

The American Polygraph Association (APA) is the leading professional polygraph organization in the world and a good place to start looking for an international accredited school. One of the approved Polygraph Schools are the Academy for Scientific Investigative Training from Philadelphia, USA, with Nathan Gordon as Academy Director.

Well … we wanted to make it easy for you and decided to commission the Academy for Scientific Investigative Training to return to South Africa in 2019 to present their legendary basic and advanced Polygraph Training.

After 10 short weeks of training with the Academy you will be able to start your own Polygraph business.

Transform your life – make the right choice!

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